past and present

For the foreseeable future we will not create any new live works as circumstance. This website will be focused on distributing our ongoing book and software projects. However if you would like to present one of our existing works please contact us.

From 2010 – 2016 we made intimate in-ear stories, subtlemobs, pedestrian symphonies, science fiction theatre , music, and books that go beyond the page.

We often said our work was cinematic, but we almost never made films.

We tried to work with the narrative of experience, the politics of public space, sound and mobile technology.

We wrapped our questions up in melancholy and romance.

We didn’t do jokes.

Circumstance was established in 2010 as a framework for the collaborations of Duncan Speakman, Sarah Anderson and Emilie Grenier. It is currently a limited company registered in the UK, primarily based at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol but working between Bristol, London and Ghent.

Current team –

Company directors – Tom Abba, Sarah Anderson, Duncan Speakman

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Social – follow @ofcircumstance on Twitter

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